Why is eToro the most popular online trading broker?

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Why is eToro the most popular online trading broker

eToro has earned a well-deserved reputation as a reliable broker and one of those offering the most interesting variety of features and services, making it one of the best brokers in the market at the moment.

One of the most interesting aspects of eToro is that they have made it clear that one of their goals is to make online trading more accessible to the common person, opening the global markets to everyone and offering a simple and transparent experience.

With this in mind, they went from being a regular broker in their beginnings to developing strategies that increased online trading accessibility enormously. Among which is worth mentioning social trading and copy trading, both of which became really popular among newer traders and without a doubt are interesting learning tools for any beginner trader.

Among many other services, eToro has a Club offering an ever-higher quality of service to its members. There are different eToro club tiers, from Silver to Diamond, each offering different advantages, like no fees on withdrawals, less commission, subscriptions to financial magazines, dedicated consulting, access to webinars, and cultural events.

eToro tiers and what do they offer?

eToro Club is a community dedicated to eToro’s members that not only put in contact with traders but it also offers a variety of advantages for them.

Becoming a member of one of the eToro tiers is very simple. All you need is to have an active account and deposit money to eToro. Each tier has a different price and it offers a variety of advantages that members will surely appreciate.

Each tier has a different level of realized equity.

  • Silver is $5,000
  • Gold goes up to $10,000
  • Platinum is $25,000
  • Platinum+ is$50,000 and
  • Diamond being the best one goes up to $250,000

The process is not only easy but also automatic. Once you reach a certain level of equity, eToro will automatically place you in the correct tier within 24 hours.

The silver tier offers access to a customer agent, live webcasts, crypto tools, and even a debit card.

One of the most interesting perks of the gold tier is having your own account manager. Apart from all the benefits from the silver tier, those in this category also have access to market analysis.

The platinum tier has a discount on currency exchange fees in most currency pairs. They also have a few more tools for cryptocurrencies, and also a subscription to the Wall Street Journal.

An interesting upgrade in the platinum + tier is the access to video calls with your account manager. Another addition is tickets to exclusive cultural and professional events.

Finally, the diamond tier offers an even more exclusive experience, adding to everything else included in the other tiers, a subscription to the Financial Times, exclusive participation in an event dedicated only to diamond members, and finally, all diamond tier member can deposit and withdrawal any currency, with the exception of US dollars, without having to pay any fees.

What makes eToro special?

There are many reasons for eToro’s popularity. Either the wide diversity of assets they allow traders to invest in, from shares to currency, including very trendy cryptocurrencies too.

Maybe it’s their dedication to making online trading an accessible activity understood by all, thanks to strategies like social trading and copy trading.

But their popularity may also come from their whole system and the platform is very intuitive and rather easy to learn how to use. This includes all educational and research tools available to traders.

Overall, eToro has established itself as a reliable broker, ideal for beginners, but offering the best also for professionals.

To get started using eToro today, all you need to do is register, create your account and become yourself an online trader too.