5 Things You Must Know While Considering the Hair Restoration In 2018

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Hair loss or baldness is a major concerning issue in the plastic & cosmetic surgery industries as it affects millions of men and women across the globe every year. This requires an extreme planning, researching and studying, including the medium of various portals, forum, and restoration’s review platforms to get an exclusive detail about a particular Surgeon or clinic. The planning of the procedure is itself a comprehensive task that needs a thorough detail about the performing Surgeon, procedure benefits along with the clinic’s reputation for providing the quality treatment of the procedure. 

Overview of Restoration Procedure:

The hair restoration/transplantation is a surgical procedure in which hair-bearing skin is taken from the donor site and grafted into the receiving bald area followed by the extraction of grafts, either by the FUT or FUT transplantation technique. The hair transplant procedure seems to be a costly one previously, but the picture changes these days and now it is all available around the world, regardless of geographical distance, location ease, and the continent marks. The hair transplant cost in India is around 75% less than the charges applicable in the other western world countries and hence people take a consideration for choosing the surgical restoration in India. 

Who is an Eligible one to receive the surgical Hair restoration Procedure?

It is very important to know that who is a good candidate for receiving the surgical restoration owing to the cosmetic importance of the procedure, which is done from the patient’s own scalp. The needed criteria for receiving the procedure, includes a good donor supply of hair, the age of maturity, meaning the patient’s age must above the 25 at the time of surgical restoration, and the hair loss reason is pattern baldness. 

The other reason which asks for a surgical hair restoration is jotted down below:

  • Women who are affected by the female pattern of hair loss
  • A person who is experiencing the severe hair loss regardless their reason can go to the surgical restoration
  • A burnt scalp patient or hair loss occurred as a result of accidents can find a solution with transplantation
  • Men and women both can go for the hair transplantation if they wish to change their present hairline. 

5 Things to Consider while planning the Hair Restoration In 2018 is best described below:

  1. Who is the Performing Surgeon: The Surgeon who performs the surgery decides the success of the procedure as the procedure of hair restoration is a combination effect of the aesthetic as well as the surgical skills. So, choosing the surgeon requires some parameters, which you must follow to find the best one! It is important that the performing Surgeon has many accreditations and recognition towards achieving the positive outcomes of the procedure. The membership and active participation in the body like ISHRS, and ISAPS weighs the Surgeon’s qualifications in the respective field. 
  2. Where the Clinic Location Is: More and more hair loss/baldness patients are turning to join the medical tourism in India is because of the availability of the best facilities and care of the procedure, given by the expert Surgeon or Doctor at a minimum cost of the procedure. The geographical location couldn’t make a boundary for taking such a sophisticated procedure and the graph of treatment in India is very wealthy with more than 80% record surgery performed alone in India for last 7-8 years. 
  3. What the Technique of Restoration Surgery Is: Nowadays, the methods of the restoration procedure changed a lot and evolved with a better mode by applying the cutting-edge technology for extracting the grafts as well as making and placing the grafts results in a higher percentage of graft survival rates. No matter, what the cutting-edge technology is followed by a particular clinic, but it is important to mark that how they are performing and who is performing the same to meet the aesthetic demand of the procedure. Both the techniques have their uses and significance, but the strip harvesting technique is the most compatible and result oriented technique in the hair restoration world. 
  4. The Safety & Hygiene: The reputed clinic strictly follows the safety and hygienic concern for providing a medical service and facilities. A leading clinic seriously focused on the cleanliness measure, including fumigation and hygienic support system to make a safe environment for the surgical procedure. The recognized Indian clinic seriously maintains the UK-standard of safety & hygienic concern in order to make the process an infection-free and safe surgical procedure. 
  5. The Cost of the Procedure: It is an important concern in the hair transplant procedure that how the cost of the procedure is applied at a particular clinic or location. Generally, the charges are modest in India, whereas the option of receiving the procedure in abroad is very high. The cost of the surgical restoration is directly influenced by the usable number of grafts and per graft cost in India is very less as compared to the USA, UK or Europe. 


In the nutshell, we can say that the treatment of hair restoration is gaining an importance by offering the best treatment plant at an affordable cost in India. And now India weighs a topmost place for offering the quality hair restoration surgery as the medical data revealed this fact, which explained that around 80-90% cosmetic surgeries are being done in India every year. 


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