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Shaving creams are a popular accessory in the daily skin care regime for men. Most men seem pretty confused while selecting the correct shaving cream for themselves. Going with any random shaving cream is never a good choice. Before opting, you should know your skin type. Then as per your skin type, choose the perfect shaving cream that suits your pocket.

There are various shaving creams available in the market; yet, not all are for you. So keep reading to know your perfect shaving cream.

What is a Shaving Cream?

Shaving cream is a liquidated preparation used to remove unwanted facial hair, and it is available in cream, foam or gel form. When applied, it is lathered with the help of a shaving brush. It makes the hair of the skin soft making it easy to shave. In addition, it softens the skin and even conditions the skin surface. Some shaving creams have several ingredients that don’t leave the skin dry or flaky after a shave.

Types of Shaving Cream

There are various forms of shaving creams:

Shave Creams

As the name suggests, shaving cream is a very creamy textured product. It is very moisturising for the skin. The cream lathers up slowly in comparison to foam. Shaving creams produce a rich lather and are dense textured. It’s an excellent option for those who shave frequently and not just occasionally.

Shave Foams

Shaving foams are the most prioritised choice of all the other options. It consists of an airy and light texture, and it lathers up pretty fast. If you shave occasionally, shaving foam can be a good choice for you. It is better for a quick shave when you constantly run out of time and cant wait for the hair softener to lather up. Shaving foams are suitable for men who have thinner facial hair.

Shave Gels

Shaving gels are popular and widely used. They consist of a heavy texture and are the richest in producing lather compared to the other forms. If you have sensitive skin, then shaving gel is better for you. The gel-like consistency does outstanding work and provides smooth and refreshing skin after a shave.

Shaving Oil

Many of you may not be aware of this, but shaving oils do exist. Shaving oils are applied to the skin before shaving cream. They help in softening the hair even more and can be a great addition to your shaving cream.

How to use a shaving cream?

Here are certain steps you can follow for the perfect finished look:

  • First, add an adequate amount of shaving cream to your shaving brush or lathering bowl.
  • You can either lather up directly with the help of the shaving brush or whip up the lather and apply it on your skin using a shaving brush.
  • After few seconds, shave off the unwanted hair with your razor.
  • Wash your shaved area with water.
  • Then take a towel and pat it on it to remove excess water.
  • Shaving can dry out the skin and cause it to feel tight and even a little prickly. To avoid that and rehydrate your skin, use an aftershave.

Benefits of using a Shaving Cream:


It hydrates the skin.

Before you shave, both the skin and the hair need to remain hydrated. So that you can shave quickly and effortlessly, it is not suitable to use soap during shaving because soap only removes dirt and oil from the skin, causing skin dryness. Therefore, shaving cream should be used so that the skin can remain hydrated and hair can be smooth and soft during the shave.

Helps in easy removal of hair

Shaving creams help in shaving unwanted hair from time to time. It softens the hair for a hassle-free shave. Thus with the shaving cream, You can easily remove unwanted hair without trouble.

Prevents skin irritation

Using soap and water for shaving causes irritation to the skin and prevent hair softening. As a result, unwanted hair cannot be adequately removed. But when you are using shaving cream, the problem of irritation on the skin is more petite. Therefore, it further lessens the risks of skin bumps, dryness, and pimples.

It helps avoid razor cuts.

Shaving on dry skin increases the likelihood of a cut on the upper layer of the skin, which irritates. But shaving cream works like a barrier between the upper layer of the skin and the razor, which reduces the possibility of razor burning.

Provides skin nutrition

Shaving cream is used not only for a comfortable shave. It nourishes the skin and hair follicles making the skin healthy. As a result, after a shave, the skin becomes bright.

Things to remember before selecting the correct shaving cream:

With a plethora of products available in the market, it gets confusing to choose the suitable shaving cream for yourself. However, it is not that complicated. Apart from what is mentioned above, selecting a shaving cream is also about a few more things:

  • You should always go with shaving creams that contain essential oils like coconut, sandalwood and almond.
  • Look for a shaving cream with antibacterial ingredients like aloe vera if you have sensitive skin.
  • You should also try to stay away from harsh chemicals because they can cause damage to your skin.
  • Apart from your personal preferences, choose a shaving cream based on your skin type.
  • For sensitive skin, it is always good to use a shaving cream or gel.

A choice between kinds of products depends entirely on your personal preference. But, it also highly depends on your skin condition and type. As per skin experts, shaving gels and creams go good on all skin types and are a convenient option for people who shave regularly. While shaving foams are best for people who don’t shave too often. It goes well for those who have ave thinner facial hair.  As for thick facial hair, it would be good to apply shave oil first and then apply shaving cream or foams or gels.

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