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Visiting your OB/GYN is something you should annually do if you are not already doing it. However, sometimes you may feel like something does not feel right within your body. You cannot sit and hope things go back to routine out of good faith when that happens. If you are experiencing womanly concerns, there is hope with Pearland gynecology. Do not hesitate to call or schedule an appointment with your gynecologist if you feel your body is not functioning at its best. You never know. Sometimes minor problems could be indicating significant problems.

If you look for a reputable gynecologist, they will advise you to remain proactive with your health since you are the person who is the most familiar with your body. When you notice any of the following signs and feel something is not right, you should see your gynecologist.

Pain or a burning sensation when urinating

If you experience pain or burning when urinating, you could have a urinary tract infection that should be addressed as soon as possible. Women are more susceptible to UTIs than men, so you cannot neglect any signs that come your way. You might also notice a fever or blood in your urine. A gynecologist should evaluate your symptoms, tell you the cause, and provide the best treatment. Never ignore your symptoms since the problem only gets worse if you do.

When something does not smell right

A healthy and properly functioning vagina releases small amounts of discharge occasionally. There is nothing wrong with that, and you have probably noticed it on your underwear. However, that discharge should be odorless. If there is a significant change in the quantity, color, or getting a foul smell, you should visit your gynecologist to see the problem. Such changes could indicate an STI or yeast infection, which only gets worse when left untreated.

An unbearably painful period

Every woman experiences cramps differently, and some will feel pain more than others. However, no matter what, you should have cramps that leave you feeling incapacitated. If the pain is too much to handle, it could indicate a bigger underlying problem. Sometimes you may have experienced bad cramps your entire life. When that is the case, they might not be clinically significant, but if they start later in your life and worsens over time, that is a point of concern. You may have developed a condition that causes discomfort that was never there. Even when it is not a big problem, you will be more relieved when you visit a gynecologist.

Painful and uncomfortable sex

The last thing you would want is one of the greatest pleasures life offers to be painful to you. It can be deep pelvic pain or soreness in your genital area caused by factors such as vaginal dryness, infections, or uterine fibroids. When you visit a gynecologist, they will perform a pelvic exam to determine what the problem could be.

If you are wondering when you should see a gynecologist, watch your body closely and notice any changes you may experience. You deserve to feel at your best. Even when you have lived with some of your symptoms your entire life, they can be helped by visiting your gynecologist. 

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