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Back pain is common and is experienced by many people, especially among older adults.

East Brunswick back pain can be treated at home or by going for physical therapies to help treat the pain and improve posture. 

Back pain comes along with burning, stabbing, and irritation. In addition to this, you can also experience pain in your back while bending, twisting, lifting, walking, or even standing. While back pain may not be severe in many cases, it is essential to understand the underlying cause by consulting a doctor and preventing any complications. 

Common causes of back pain:

Strained muscles and tendons

Lifting heavy weights or sleeping in the wrong posture can lead to having strained back muscles. This can cause pain and discomfort in your back. Strained muscles can be treated at home by various home remedies like compressions, ice packs, or painkillers. If you experience pain after home remedies, consult a doctor.


Inflammation in the back can cause heat, pain, and discomfort. If inflammation increases, it can cause chronic issues that further lead to severe back and spine illnesses.


It is a disease that can cause both an increase and decrease of bone mass, especially in the spine region. This can weaken your bones and lead to painful fractures in the future. Therefore consult a doctor immediately after you feel like your back is sore.

Injured discs

Discs are cushions of tissues that separate the spinal cord from your bony vertebrae. When these discs move out of their way, it can cause severe pain. This problem gets very prominent with age, and it is advised that you have regular checkups so that your trusted doctor can determine any underlying disease.

Stress on your spine 

Your spinal cord plays a very crucial role in keeping your back in place. Excessive weight lifting and bad posture can lead to stress on your spine. When you work extra hard or sit in the wrong way for a long time, it can cause your back to strain and lead to discomfort.


The actual cause of fibromyalgia is yet to be determined. However, it causes severe pain in various parts of your body, including your back. According to researchers, it is caused by abnormal activities in the nervous system. 


Arthritis can affect your lower back. It can also cause narrowing of the space around your spinal cord. This condition in which your spinal cord is affected by arthritis is called stenosis.

There are various causes of back pain. However, it can all be treated and managed. You must adopt healthy lifestyle habits such as sleeping in an accurate position to help comfort your back correctly. 

If you are experiencing severe back pain that is not going away with home remedies and painkillers, consult an appropriate doctor to determine the cause.

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