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Allergic asthma is a common health disorder that concerns breathing uneasiness leading to grave respiratory ailments. There is no age bar or gender differences as asthma can influence anyone’s general health. 

In Bastrop asthma & allergies treating hospitals are established in innumerable numbers. Hence, you need to consult the best one among them like Premier Family Physicians. Asthma is termed to be an allergic ailment. Many allergens are responsible for asthma symptoms. 

Allergic asthma –

Allergens cause many kinds of ailments and if breathing problems affect your active life then you will suffer from allergic asthma. The common allergens are dust, smoke, unpleasant intense smell, pollen grains, and dander that are present in the air. Asthma symptoms surface more intensely when the immunity level of the person is low. 

The lower immunity level triggers secretion of a chemical called immunoglobulin. This chemical when present in more proportion, affects the airways and eventually they get tightened. Eventually, this results in breathing difficulty. Asthma is often related to lung diseases. 

The adverse effect of asthma:

  • Inflammation of lungs – The airways lining become swollen and irritating. 
  • Large proportion of mucus blocks the nose and airways resulting in breathing problems. 
  • Mucus tightens the airways and breathing issues start to surface. 

Asthma is one of the common health problems that are even caused by the presence of dust mites and cockroaches at home. Their saliva, feces and parts of the pests slowly create breathing problems.  Air pollution even contributes a lot in making a person experience the symptoms of asthma that hinders their normal life. 

Seasonal allergies are triggered by the rainy and winter season that temporarily trigger asthma symptoms. Spring season is dreaded by many folks as the pollen grains from the blooming flowers are more in the air that is sure to affect breathing. 

Some of the serious asthma symptoms that one might experience are as follows – 

  • Feeling difficulty in breathing. 
  • At night, one may experience frequent coughing along with shortness of breath. 
  • Whistling noise occurs while breathing resulting in wheezing problems. 
  • Chest feels squeezed and this kind of chest tightness may trouble one’s sleep. 

A treatment plan is an appropriate way to reduce asthma symptoms as guided by experienced doctors like Dr. Chavez in Bastrop. You just need to contact them and have medications and avoid the kind of allergens that cause asthma. 

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