The 3 Biggest Knee Injuries That Require Surgery

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The knee is the largest joint in the human body, composed of ligaments, bones, cartilage, and tendons. This musculoskeletal structure is quite complicated, bringing muscles and tissue together with bones to create stability in movement. That is why knee injuries are common and can happen during sports, accidents, or physical activity.

You can treat minor knee injuries at home, but don’t take the risk of sprains, fractures, ligament tears, and dislocations. Such injuries require immediate medical attention or even surgery.

Knee Injuries That Require Surgery

Most knee-related issues can be addressed through rehabilitation exercises, bracing, and physiotherapy. Search for “orthopedists near me” online to get a consultation for any instance of knee pain or accident.

If the diagnosis includes the following, you might have to undergo surgical treatment.

Knee Fracture

This happens when a direct force is applied to the joint; for example, falling on the knees. As a result, the knee cap can crack or be severely damaged. The patella is often broken in accidents, while the femur and tibia are the points that form the knee joint and can also get fractured.

The patella acts as the first layer of defense against any force, making it the most vulnerable part of the knee. It can break into two or more pieces in an accident, causing a:

Displaced fracture

Comminuted fracture

Open fracture

In many patellar fractures, the bone pieces move out of their place, and surgery is needed to place the bone back or restore the knee cap’s function.

Knee Joint Dislocation

The knee joint may dislocate due to severe force impact on the knee, mainly in sports and motor accidents. In a dislocation event, the bones come out of their place. Dislocations may also occur resulting from the impact of a great force.

Doctors usually adjust the bones and recommend exercise and practices. In some cases, doctors can bring back your knee to full function by placing the bones back in their place.

If the damage is extensive, blood vessels and nerves are damaged, immediately search for “orthopedists near me” on the internet to get emergency treatment.

Knee Ligament Injury

These happen during athletic exercises when the knee suddenly moves in an unnatural pattern that ligaments do not support. These are more commonly known as tears off and sprains. There are two main types of ligament (ACL) injuries:

ACL Injuries

ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) is present in the knee. Rapid motions, such as during basketball and football, may cause ACL injury, which is why many athletes suffer through this. Doctors cannot stitch back many ACL tears; instead, they replace the injured ligament with a tissue graft.

PCL Injuries

A posterior cruciate ligament or PCL is inside the knee behind the ACL. It is the ligament that connects the tibia and femur. When the knee is subjected to a powerful physical force, for example, a motor accident, it can be severely damaged.

Surgery is beneficial for PCL injuries, especially when multiple ligaments and the knee cap are affected. Like ACL, doctors graft tissue from any part of your body.

Knee injuries can happen anytime because of blunt force, accidents, and sports-related issues. Falls or motor accidents often severely damage the knees and, in many cases, may require surgical procedures.

Athletes and people who exercise can face minor knee injuries that heal quickly after a few visits to the doctor. Your knees keep you mobile, don’t risk your health by ignoring possible issues. Visit to learn more about knee health and book an appointment with an orthopedic doctor you can trust.

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