The Different Prevention and Treatment Methods for Neck Pain

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Neck pain is a common complaint that may result from poor posture when engaging in everyday activities such as responding to emails from your computer and texting using your smartphone. Your neck comprises bones, ligaments, and muscles that support your head and allow movement. Damage or strain to these muscles may result in neck pain. In most cases, Studio City neck pain is not a severe condition and can be relieved in a few days. However, neck pain may indicate a severe injury or illness that requires your doctor’s attention in some cases.

Treatment for Neck Pain

There are different treatment options for neck pain, including medications, therapy, and surgery. However, most times, neck pain responds well to self-care measures that include hot and cold compresses. If pain persists, your doctor may recommend other treatment methods such as:

  • MedicationsYour doctor may prescribe medications such as muscle relaxants and tricyclic antidepressants to minimize pain.
  • Physical therapy For this treatment method, your therapist will guide you through correct postures to prevent straining your muscles. Physical therapy may also involve treatments such as electrical stimulation to reduce pain.
  • Immobilization- One of the ways to minimize pain is to prevent moving your neck. Your doctor may send you home with a soft collar to support your neck. You may need to wear the collar as advised by your specialist.

How Can You Prevent Neck Pain?

  • Maintain the right postures

Poor posture is one of the most common causes of neck pain. Slouching over the phone or your computer may strain your neck muscles and result in pain. When using your computer, make sure your gaze is directly in the top-third of your screen. If you have to look down, adjust your monitor to the right level. Generally, laptops require you to position your head downwards to see the screen. You may connect your computer to a different monitor to avoid bending your neck over. Be sure to use a headset if you spend too much time on your phone.

  • Elevate your head

However, when supporting your head while sleeping, you may need to try out different options to establish which one works for you. It is best to use a pillow that maintains the natural curve of your neck to prevent muscle strains that may result in pain. Depending on what method suits you, you may use a relatively flat pillow while lying on your back. Other times your specialist may give you an orthopedic pillow with deep depression for the head and extra support for your neck.

  • Do not strain your neck

Avoid carrying heavy objects on your head as this strains your neck muscles and results in pain. Lighten your load by taking only the items you need. You may also use a backpack as it distributes weight evenly across your shoulders.

  • Exercise your neck

Just like any other muscle in your body, regularly stretching your neck muscles relieves and prevents stiffness. Exercising your neck is also essential as it promotes muscle strength and reduces your risk of obtaining an injury. Consulting with your physical therapist is the best way to determine the exercise that will be effective for you.

Living with neck pain is stressful as it limits movement and affects your productivity. To learn more about the treatment methods for neck pain, schedule an appointment with your specialist at Pain Relief Center LA.

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