Enhance the Look of Your Past Eyelid Surgery With Professional Post-Blepharoplasty Repair in New York

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If you have had eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) before and still have drooping eyelids, relief is available at board-certified Robert M. Schwarcz, MD’s, private clinic. Dr. Schwarcz provides post-blepharoplasty repair to raise sagging eyelids and enhance your range of vision at his offices on Manhattan’s Upper East Side and Scarsdale, NY, in Westchester County. To find out more, schedule a consultation with renowned Scarsdale post-blepharoplasty repair specialist Dr. Schwartz through mobile or book online today.

What Is the Definition of Post-Blepharoplasty Repair?

Dr. Schwarcz’s post-blepharoplasty repair is a minimally invasive surgical technique, which rectifies drooping eyelids following a prior blepharoplasty. He could constrict the lids and make them appear more cosmetically acceptable by correcting irregularities in the eyelid tissue.

What You May Require Post-Blepharoplasty Repair?

If you have any of the following symptoms, you should consult Dr. Schwarcz about post-blepharoplasty repair:

  • Unsatisfactory outcomes from previous eyelid surgery.
  • Bags beneath your eyes.
  • Eyelids that sag or droop.
  • Unbalanced eyelids.
  • Tissue that obstructs peripheral vision.

Dr. Schwarcz is well-versed in eyelid surgery. He could offer you younger-looking, tighter, more balanced eyelids.

Is Post-Blepharoplasty Repair a Good Option for You?

Dr. Schwarcz examines your eyelids and studies your health history to determine if you are the right candidate for post-blepharoplasty repair. You should be in perfect physical health generally and have reasonable expectations.

What Should You Do to Get Ready for Post-Blepharoplasty Repair?

Observe all pre-procedure recommendations to prepare for post-blepharoplasty repair. If Dr. Schwarcz suggests it, quit taking specific drugs, organize for somebody to take you home following surgery, and do not drink or eat anything the day of your planned treatment.

What Takes Place Throughout the Procedure?

When you visit Dr. Schwarcz’s office for post-blepharoplasty repair, you will be given a local anesthetic combined with a general anesthetic or sedative to put you to sleep. You will not experience any discomfort.

Dr. Schwarcz creates microscopic incisions behind your eyelids, eliminates or restores tissue, seals the incisions, and transports you to a recovery room to rest. Your surgery may take 1-2 hours.

What Does Rehabilitation Entail?

Observe Dr. Schwarcz’s post-procedure recommendations following blepharoplasty correction. Allow somebody to drive you home, take your meds as prescribed, get more than enough rest, and limit strenuous exercise till he provides you the all-clear.

You could take several days to a week from work. During healing, you can anticipate moderate irritation or pain, edema, bruising, or dry eyes. Wear sunglasses and use cold packs or ointments as required till your eyelids recover. Within roughly a week, Dr. Schwarcz will eliminate your stitches.

Dr. Robert Schwarcz’s expertise is well-known for producing natural-looking outcomes. He is adamant that cosmetic surgery should assist a patient look refreshed rather than ‘done’ or ‘pulled.’ His specialized knowledge enables him to methodically concentrate on the minutiae of facial cosmetic surgery. By incorporating the most recent innovations in cosmetic surgery, he can prevent lengthy healing time and unrealistic results.

If you are dissatisfied with the look of prior eyelid surgery, contemplate post-blepharoplasty repair from Robert M. Schwarcz, MD, by calling the office or arranging an appointment online today.

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