Why has oat drink become so popular recently?

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More and more people in the last two decades have been concerned about the environment, animals, and everything else surrounding them. The pandemic encouraged people to follow a healthy lifestyle to stay away from the virus. However, it did force them to make dietary changes as well.

You’ll be surprised to know that other than the sale of sanitizer, oat drink, and milk has gained so much popularity that they have replaced other dairy products.

The consumption of milk taken from animals has significantly fallen. As more people become environmentally conscious, the demand for alternative dairy products has increased.

Scroll down to find out more about plant-based drinks and their benefits.

What are the benefits of oats and their products?

People with different food allergies opt to choose oatmeal or oat-based products. But there is more to it. There are so many potential benefits that it possesses, making it even more popular amongst its consumers.

You can even make oat milk and other drinks at home. However, there are pre-prepared drinks that you can always choose over other things.

Before getting to the benefits of oats and oatmeals, you should learn about their nutritional value. A standard cup of oats consists of 120 calories, 5grams of fat, 16 grams of carbs, 3 grams of protein, more than 50% vitamin B12, 20% vitamin D, 20% vitamin A, potassium, iron, phosphorus, fiber, and calcium.

Here is a list of benefits you get by consuming oat drinks

  • They are a rich source of vitamin B

Vitamin B is a rich nutrient that is essential for promoting good skin, hair, nails, along with combating stress and oxidative damage. Oat milk and drinks are fortified with vitamin B, and thus, when you consume oats or oatmeal regularly, you can see a difference in the quality of your health.

  • Oat drinks are free from soy, lactose, and nuts

People who have dietary restrictions look for alternatives that can provide them with the nutrition that they lack in their bodies. Oats are gluten-free, and the base of making any oat drink requires water. So, there are no additional nuts or soy in the products you consume.

  • Oats can help strengthen your bone health

Oats contain plenty of calcium and vitamin D. These are two essential nutrients to support your bone health. If you do not consume calcium-rich food for a long tenure, over a due course of time, you will lack calcium in your body, and eventually, your bones will grow weak.

It will also lead to frequent fractures. Similarly, if your body lacks vitamin D, it won’t allow the bone to absorb calcium and strengthen them. Thus, consuming oat products is best to boost vitamin A and calcium.


An oat drink can provide you with all essential nutrients. However, if you want to be specific about the gluten-free product, you should ensure that the brand you trust uses gluten-free oats.

Now it’s not hard to find brands that offer gluten-free oat products because more and more grocery stores have started offering environmentally friendly and vegan products. So, if you are vegan and have been looking for healthy and nutritious drinks, you can certainly give a try at oat-based milk and beverages.

Before you try any product, make a point to read reviews to know how well the product is performing amongst its consumers. You can safely try and enjoy the product if you get positive feedback.

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