Why Using A Custom Poly Mailer Bags Can Make An Unforgettable Impression

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Poly Mailers are one of the more preferred packaging types today. If you are a small or even a large business owner and are still stuck with large boxes to send out your products, then here’s why you might want to switch over to custom poly mailer bags! They are extremely lucrative sources for effectively packaging, and can make an unforgettable impression on your customers.

  1. Cost-Effective – Most of the postal services established around the world charges shipping cost by the weight and measuring the dimensions of space taken to accommodate products. Most non-corrugated custom poly mailer bags ship flat until a product is placed within it. Even after packaging products inside them, they take no more than 3 or 4 millimeters in height, making this the most space-efficient and cost-effective way to ship compared to using sturdy shipping boxes that take up maximum rectangular space.
  2. Aesthetically Pleasing – When consumers open up their package, it’s important, especially during these times, to feel as though they’ve walked into the product showroom for the very first time. Custom printed poly mailer bags are a chance to make an unforgettable impression upon your customers. Brand boxes, unless heavily designed and customized, don’t quite give off that feeling unless they are PR packages sent to influencers and thought leaders for a review. In case you are using delicate, fragile items to be packaged in a poly mailer, you can safeguard these items using poly bubble mailers. These are just lined inside with bubbles that keep fragile goods safe for transportation. You no longer have to put heavy bubble wraps and taper them down into boxes and then re-package the entire box again. What an efficient and aesthetically pleasing way to package your goods!

  3. Packing Time – There’s no need to remind you, but here we go again, loud and clear! Time is money, so let’s save some of it by using custom poly mailer packages for our packaging needs. Poly mailer bags come with self-sealing adhesive strips that just seal shut the moment you strip off the covering and apply pressure onto the sealant. There’s absolutely no need to apply multiple tapes on top of the custom packages, spoiling the aesthetically pleasing packages. They are so efficient, and the adhesive is quite strong enough to hold up until they are delivered. This is truly a perfect time-saving tactic that you cannot save while using cardboard boxes.

  4. Storage Space – Using poly mailer bags instead of sturdy boxes for packaging is not only cost-effective but saves so much space; this ensures you can roll out and ship more packages at a time. They lay flat and take up very little height and weight, making this the ideal packaging and shipping format to follow in the coming years. You can easily cut down also on the storage space required to store all these boxes by switching over to using poly mailers.

  5. Custom Printing – The biggest way you can leave an unforgettable memory for your customer receiving this package is by experiencing your brand with great custom printed poly mailers that set you apart from your competitors. Packaging plays a huge role in attracting repeat customers over and over again. Even they are far easier to custom print than corrugated brown boxes, and even sustainable for use on a daily basis. Imagine the number of tree pulps you’ll be saving, and lowering the carbon footprint on the earth.

These are the few ways in which you can up your business’ packaging game and leave an unforgettable impression on your customers. 


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