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Dodge NP231 transfer case

The NP231 has a perfect reputation for being a reliable model, coming with an aluminum casing and a chain drive system. The NP231 is already a good choice for upgrades and modifications to make it more durable. It is found in dodge pickup trucks, Dakota, as well as Durango. Dodge first used the NP231 series transfer case for the 1988 Dakota. Dodge NP231 was offered during its productive life in both non-synchronized and synchronized configurations and standard duty and heavy-duty versions.

Dodge NP241 Transfer Case

The NV241DLD, NP241DHD. From 1994, the Ram 2500 transfer case was the NV241DLD (Dodge Light Duty). The optional at 2500 and the standard at 3500 was the NV241DHD (heavy duty). During its production life, the NP241DLD / DHD underwent numerous design changes, making it difficult to select parts without a round dodge transfer case in the back half of the case. From 1999 to 2002, Ram 2500 4 × 4 trucks used NV241DHD with high-output Cummings diesel NV5600 6-speed transmission. Despite numerous assembly variations, there are some common characteristics shared by both DLD and DHD. There are slip yoke rear output, left drive chain front output with CV range, and mechanical shift engagement in all these cases. The NP241DHD is different from the previous NP241D used between 1987 and 1993.

Dodge NP271 transfer case

The NP271 has a chain drive, manual shift, and part-time transfer case. The output is on the driver-side with the rear output. New since 1999 and used in Dodge and Ford pickups. This heavy-duty design with a total vehicle rating of 17,500 kg in vehicles with 5.3 L to 7.3 L diesel. The NP271 is a heavy-duty case with a 6-pinion planet. It relies on a wide chain of 1.5 percent, specifically designed for durability with high strength and load for long-term durability.

Dodge NP273 transfer case

The NP273 is a chain-operated model cast in aluminum and serves as an improvement over the 271. Electrical shift features and parts have been augmented to provide greater durability for larger applications. NP273 may have case failure issues due to lack of lubricant reaching the range hub and range fork.

How to identify a dodge transfer case

For the most part, all dodge transfer cases look the same due to the vehicle being built. However, some specific factors will allow you to identify a dodge transfer case. Each of these transfer cases is used in a different type.

Step 1

Learn that the NV231 HD 1994 and the older Dodge Ram can be found in pickup trucks equipped with V8 or 6-cylinder engines. By comparison, the NV231 transfer case is used in many sports vehicles and pickup trucks of the same age, including V8 and 6-cylinder engines.

Step 2

Identify the main difference between NV231 and NV231HD transfer cases. You can accomplish this by knowing that the HD version has larger bearings and a wider chain than the NV231. The dodge transfer case is made of aluminum, as are the retainer, extension, and gear cases.

Step 3

Engine torque is then transmitted to the front and rear propeller shafts by the drive sprocket and the chain connected. Needle and ball bearings support the front output shaft, input gear, and main shaft. The other components on the transfer case that will help you identify the dodge transfer case are the components that make up the synchronous mechanism. This includes a synchro hub and features two springs used for maintenance; Three struts and a sliding clutch. These components allow migration between the 4-high and 2-high ranges while the vehicle is rotating.

Step 4

Understand that, except for a few differences in dimension, all models of dodge transfer cases are almost identical. The ID tag attached to each transfer case achieves the difference between the different models. Keep in mind that this tag can be found on the back of the transfer case. The tag provides information such as assembly number, model number, low range ratio, and serial number. You will also see in the serial number the date of making that transfer case.

Rock-trac part-time 4WD system

It is equipped with NV241 off-road transfer case I another one. It is found on the Wrangler off-Roading model. The system is for the best models, and it amounts to slower speeds and provides higher amounts of torque. The system makes the jeep maintain a slow and steady rock-climbing speed with enough torque to manage the terrain. It has true-lock electronic locking front and rear gears. This will increase the Jeep’s off-roading capability to a higher level.


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