How to Find a Reliable Supplier of Bathroom Supplies

If you’re in the market for bathroom supplies, you might be wondering where to begin. There are just so many bathroom supplies available, and so many places to buy them from. How do you figure out which are the most reliable or reputable? This article aims to answer those questions and more. Read on to find the answers you seek.

H2: Ask People You Know

When you’re looking for a reputable supplier of bathroom supplies, you should start by asking people you know well – like friends and family – for their recommendations. You should especially ask those who have done the rounds of the bathroom showrooms in their quest for the perfect bathroom renovation. Why not put the word around to your family and friends and find out if anyone’s been working on a bathroom renovation recently? You never know who might have the knowledge you’re looking for. Recommendations from friends and family are worth their weight in gold, as your close contacts usually look out for you, so you can trust their opinions when it comes to finding a company for bathroom supplies. 

H2: Be Guided By Reviews

Online reviews can save you a lot of time when you’re looking for companies specialising in bathroom supplies. Just type in “bathroom supplies Melbourne” and a whole list of companies will come up on the search engine result page. But most importantly, next to the company names will be a star rating out of 5. These ratings are the average based on all reviews left by former and current customers. These reviews can give you a lot of information, including what customers like and don’t like about any certain company. So before you venture into a store to look at bathroom supplies in person, make sure you investigate online to see if they’re worth visiting based on their rating.

H2: Take Into Account Testimonials

Testimonials are not as reliable as freely given reviews by customers, as they’re more like a company telling you what their customer said, which means they pick and choose the best sounding bits. But it’s still a positive thing if customers are prepared to go on the record vouching for a certain company that offers bathroom supplies. If you’re trying to choose between two companies, one that has testimonials and one that doesn’t, you should choose the one that has them. There is a hierarchy when it comes to testimonials – the best and most persuasive are videos with the customer’s full name and business, while the least persuasive are written testimonials with simply a first name and no picture. This is because the latter could justifiably be made up, while the video ones are more likely to be truthful due to the difficulty of staging such a circumstance. 

H2: Worry Less with Warranties

You may not think that warranties are such a big deal until something refuses to work. While you’re shopping at stores for bathroom supplies, make sure you ask about warranties. Sometimes they involve paying a little bit more, but they’re usually worth it. This is especially the case when you think about the cost of repairs for items. With proper warranties, you can avoid the cost and inconvenience of urgent repairs.

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