Know about the Pros and Cons of Functional Medicine Benefits for Opting for It

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The primary goal of functional medicine in Sandy Springs is to help people become healthier and prevent any medical problems. The popularity of this type of treatment has increased more than ever before because the focus is more on finding the root cause of the chronic disease. It involves understanding the management and prevention of diseases. The goal of this approach is to trigger a quality of life in people and reduce medical disorders. A healthy life should consist of joy, energy, gratitude and balance. Some of the pros of this type of treatment approach are mentioned below:

Pros of functional medicine

  • Customized treatment plans – Unlike conventional methods of treatment, the physician listens to the history of the disease, learns and prepares the customized plans for the treatment based on the patient’s medical conditions and needs. It develops a relationship between both of them, which can give mental peace to the patient. This is important when it comes to recovering from a chronic disease or pain.
  • Understanding the root cause of the medical problem – The health care provider tries to understand the exact reason for the problem. He does not prescribe medicines and harmful treatments that have a number of side effects. That’s why they are less risky for the patients. Even surgeries and drugs come with various complications. With functional medicines, the patient does not experience any adverse effects because the root cause of the disease is figured out before anything else.
  • Involving the patient in the recovery process – It is a learning experience for the patient as well to understand and follow the right procedure. He knows his road of recovery in a better manner, which makes him more alert and well-informed. Rather than just taking medicines only, the patient also becomes an integral part of the process and he learns the importance of a balanced diet, proper sleep and exercise.

Cons of functional medicine

Some of the demerits of functional medicines are explained below:

  • In most cases, people are reluctant to change and don’t want to alter their eating habits and lifestyle. It may become challenging for a physician to deal with them.
  • Some medical conditions such as heart diseases, accidents, fractures need immediate medical attention and cannot be treated with functional medicine.

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