Property Management Companies: Are They Liable?

A property management company can be defined as the intermediary between property owners and tenants. They function as the middle man between the people who own the property and the people renting it.

With that in mind, a property manager has to be fair to both the tenant and property owner when accidents occur—even though their main client is the property owner who hired the property management company to handle their valuable assets.

But handling valuable assets for property owners entails several things besides looking after their property. Property management companies are also responsible for maximizing owners’ assets by renting them out to tenants and selling them at the best price if the owner decides to do so.

What are Property Managers Liable For?

Many property owners turn to property management companies to handle their assets because some owners have no time to do it themselves. Now that the property managers are in charge of the property, they may also be liable for everything that happens on the said property—depending on the scope of the contract. Here are some of the potential liabilities that fall under the property manager’s responsibilities:

Environmental hazards

Since property management companies are responsible for taking care of the owner’s property, they are commonly liable for the risks of environmental hazards that may occur. As property managers, they must regularly inspect the premises and address environmental hazards that could cause harm to tenants renting the property. These environmental factors include lead, pests, mold, and other harmful environmental elements.

Crime in the property

The contract may also state that property managers are liable for damages related to crimes committed in the area. To avoid this, property managers must think of a way to keep the property secure.

Tenant’s pets

Some apartment complexes do not allow pets, mainly because other tenants might not prefer it, and some aggressive pets can pose a threat. It is entirely up to the manager and owners’ preference if they will allow pets and which of them will be liable for pet-related incidents.

Tenant’s actions

Property management companies can also be liable for the actions of the tenants. If a tenant assaults another tenant in a complex or building, property managers will be liable, especially if they are responsible for vetting the tenants.


If any renovations or additional construction happens under the property management company’s care, they can be liable for defective construction and other incidents.

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